About HSC 911

My name is Jin and I am a Porsche enthusiast first and foremost.

I trade in genuine Porsche parts to individuals and businesses all over the world.

I focus on trading in the rarer 911 parts for the GT and RS models specifically. I do have parts for other models too such as the Boxster or Cayman.

If you require a part that is not advertised, contact me with what you require and I will do my best to locate it.

If you have parts to sell, then you can use the ‘contact me’ form to upload pictures and information of what you have.

Parts can be sent worldwide.


I can offer a discreet, hassle free, experience of buying or selling.


I am a Porsche owner too. I attend shows and meets regularly,


Please do call if you need any advice. I have over 20 years experience that I am happy to share if you have any questions.


All items can be shipped worldwide. Should any items not be as described then I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Trade enquiries

If you have genuine parts to sell or require parts then please do call. I have very good contacts from all over the world who can source parts or that require parts. I do NOT sell parts from damaged vehicles.

Contact me

Fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible

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